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We approach fashion from various perspectives, including design, business, technology, and sustainability. This holistic approach has created a diverse group of FashionX members who engage and collaborate in productive and creative work. From our annual runway show and our quarterly flea markets that feature student creators, to our hands-on workshops and executive speaker series that provide industry exposure, FashionX has been instrumental in bolstering the creative scene at Stanford, which often lacks defined opportunities. We see the potential that creative expression brings to the undergraduate community, and we take pride in supporting our creatives.

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Through our executive speaker series, upcycling workshops, and quarterly clothing swap, we explore ways to engage with sustainable clothesmaking and how the industry is carving out an eco-friendly future.



We believe that all our creatives are designers in one way or another. We encourage design through various graphic design projects for our socials, clothing design for our merch drops, and much more.

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We strive to provide students with hands-on opportunities to be involved with fashion technology, including the publication of a data analysis book on runway trends and annual fashion showcases with 3D/AR student-made clothes.



Since our inception, FashionX has collaborated with companies like REVOLVE, Kith, Everlane, StockX, Madhappy, and more. As we grow, we hope to continue forming transformative relationships with industry leaders. 

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