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Hot & Not, Winter 2023 Trends

As we dwindle into week 4 of Winter Quarter here on campus, we embark deeper and deeper into the trenches. The nights–and days–are colder, your bike seats are wet with condensation in the mornings, classes seem to inundate students at a rate that is near-impossible to keep up with; all things that recapitulate the infamous, quintessential Stanford Winter Quarter.

But as winter temperatures plague Stanford’s campus, (sorry East Coast Winter-ers I bet you are rolling your eyes at California Winters), students must sway away from the typical wife-beater, jorts, Birkenstock, linen pant-wearing fall and spring quarter attire. Which leads me to today’s topic of interest: winter trends, Hot and Not!

*Before I start I want to clarify that by no means am I a professional of any sort. The purpose of this article is to share my own opinions and interpretations of certain style choices as they appeal to myself and my own personal style.



  • No, not the chunky scarves your mom had in her closet when you were 8 years old. I’m talking about the thin, barely-even-a-scarf scarf. Since its claim to fame when Kate Moss called it her “favorite accessory, the thin useless scarf,” circa 2003 and 2007, to its ascent of other fashion stars such as Bella Hadid, the thin scarf has made a name for itself in the fashion community. And don’t get me wrong, chunky scarves, knit scarves, and all those in between are also great, but when speaking in terms of a California Winter I can’t help but wonder if it’s a bit overkill to wear a blanket around your neck to keep cold in 60 degree weather.

  • Though I would style it differently than its first runway debut in Marc Jacobs spring/summer 2004 (top) and Chloé spring/summer 2005 (bottom), I see these “skinny scarves” as the perfect accessory for a California winter.What better way to incorporate a pop of color, or way to keep your neck warm while biking than a scarf!


  • If you were to ask me two years ago to buy a pair of cargo pants, I would’ve said “No” with absolutely no hesitation. But today, I’ve been on the hunt for the best pair of cargo pants a girl can find. I think with the initial arrival of the cargo pants, they were a bit over the top. I’m talking cargo and camouflage, bright colored pants with gigantic cargo pockets, etc. etc. But today, I think the right pair of cargo pants consists of a good balance of pant color, size and placement of pockets, and cut of the pants.

  • They are a little bit of an upgrade from the classic jeans, and can make a simple outfit elevated just with a few pockets and strips of fabrics for a loop on the side. You could pair it with literally anything–a sweater, a hoodie, a nice cardigan–and you would instantly look 100x cooler (at least in my books). In my dream world, I would own a pair of the Frame straight-leg cargo pants, but then again who has $350 lying around.

Eccentric Sweaters and Jackets

  • Now this one may be a bit controversial, and I can definitely see why. But let me tell you a story. A few weeks ago over winter break, my best friend and I were in my car watching the sunset at a local beach when we saw a guy walk past us wearing the coolest fleece jacket I think I have ever laid my eyes on. It was a camouflage fleece, which as an anti-camouflage person the fact that the jacket pattern was cool enough to make camouflage look cool was already a feat of itself, and fit like a glove on this guy. Our jaws were simply on the floor.

  • We were so infatuated with this jacket that as we drove past him on our way out, I stopped the car next to him, rolled down my window, and asked him where he got that jacket from. He then said it was from a company called “KidSuper.” So as soon as I got home, I got on my computer and frantically looked at this company. Needless to say, I fell in love.

  • Now as an avid eccentric sweater wearer (some of my favorites include ones that I have made myself with pictures or heinous phrases, or too many cat and animal sweaters), these KidSuper jackets and sweaters were right up my alley. But I can definitely see how, for many, they may be a bit too out there. But I believe a simple jean/pant + sweater outfit can never go wrong. And what better way to make your outfit stand out, or to elevate your simple outfit than wearing something that (hopefully) no one else has! And to me, wearing an eccentric, colorful, funky sweater can solve all those problems.


Skinny Jeans

  • The rise of skinny jeans has been catalyzed by social media and fast-fashion buzz, but my enthusiasm to wear or bring them back for any reason is miniscule. My main reason being, why wear skinny jeans over other, looser-fitted or straight-legged jeans? But to name a few others, the uncomfortability, the unflattering-ness, and the impracticality of it all.

  • When it comes down to what I want to wear in the mornings, I prioritize my comfort before my style, and the idea of being held into my jeans sends chills down my spine. Keep the tight denim away!

Pants with any sort of open-toed shoes

  • Coming from Southern California, this concept is nothing new to me. Encinitas is where walking barefoot into any store within a 15 miles radius of the ocean is the norm! In fact, signs of “no shoes, no shirt, no problem” are frequently placed in local pubs, restaurants, and surf stores along the coast. However, I’ve seen too many pairings of open-toed shoes (flip-flops, Birkenstocks, etc.) with long pants. Now this? This is just an oxymoron. You’re telling me you’re too cold to have your legs exposed, but will openly wear footwear that exposes your dogs? Please. Enough said.

Now, the ratio here is 3:2 for “Hot” and “Not,” but that’s exactly how I like it. This is the first of many of my reviews to come, and I thought I would start it off with only a few that really stick out to me today. What are your thoughts? What would you wear and not wear? Stay tuned for our next “Hot and Not” trends review!

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