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New Year, New Quarter, and New Beginnings

Hello all! My name is Chloe Ha and I’m SO SO excited to be taking over the FashionX blog! We are finally rebooting it for the new year (and hopefully years to come)!!

Like I said, I’m Chloe, originally from San Diego (Encinitas more specifically), joined FashionX more formally this past fall, and am studying BioMechanical Engineering with a minor in Music. As for hobbies, I LOVE thrifting, upcycling, and creating my own clothes. I co-founded “Hard for Card” with one of my best friends (also a member of FashionX) Megan Orsak where we design and sell hats (more merchandise coming soon, check us out on Instagram!). I also used to be a competitive swimmer, and love to surf whenever I am home! I’m also super into art and art history, and will take any excuse to go to the Roble art studio or Cantor to paint and draw something new.

I’m a part of the design team for FashionX and we are currently in the process of designing our next spring collection! However, I love writing and had a goal to continue the blog for the new year. A lot of my free time I spend looking at old magazines, runway shows, and looking at art pieces for inspiration in design and fashion and thought what better way to find more inspiration and share my own thoughts than starting back the FashionX blog. I have a ton of new ideas for the new year including student interviews, my opinions on current trends, and what’s trending here at Stanford! I’m super excited for what’s to come, and welcome any other writers interested in joining me–FashionX or not, we want you for weekly articles!

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